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I have now been given a copy of the very same poster that I had all those years ago. 
I am so happy and thank Gunnar again
for his kindness.


I first saw the Rubettes in 1974 at the Hammersmith Palais, London.

Alan James Williams was my hero and if you had seen me that night back then you would have found me dressed in my white outfit, hat, green shirt (just like Alan used to wear) and black and white Gatsby shoes.

I do remember having a great time too and the guys were amazing.  The place was heaving with screaming girls and after the show it was clear that we all wanted to get to meet them.  Well, I have to admit and I'm a little embarrassed to tell all of you but I was a tiger back then and I was determined to get backstage to meet my Alan!


Suffice to say, I didn't get the chance to actually achieve that but I made sure I wasn't going to give up without a fight.  I tried to get up the stairs but the nasty old burly minders were not going to have any of that and so there I was on the stairs with my hands holding tight to the rail.  As one guy got a hand off, the other hand went straight back on again and this repeated itself for rather a long time.  Then they tried to lift me off the stairs which was difficult when my hands wouldn’t let go and my feet were kicking out.  I did land some well aimed kicks at their shins and other regions and then when my hands were finally pulled off, they started to do some punching at them.  Not proud of that but when you’re a teenager and you want to see the man you love, you’ll do anything!!

I was finally unceremoniously dumped out on the pavement and then followed a lot of wailing and tears of frustration. One minder did feel sorry for me and took down a poster of the guys and gave it to me.  It was the one that can be seen at the top of this column and I had that poster up until it fell to pieces.  It is so appropriate to now have that picture back where it belongs.

 I remember my Mum saying to me ‘Oh no, not again’ when I started up with the Rubettes.  She’d just gotten me through Donny Osmond and now she had these to deal with but she was a good sport and helped me root out magazines, singles and even helped me buy the LP ‘Wear its ‘At’.  I saved like mad to buy ‘Best of’ and  ‘Sign of the Times’  My absolute favourite one was the album with the chairs on ‘Rubettes’

Time marched on but I never forgot my guys and who still to this day make my heart beat a little faster when I hear them sing.

Oh those halcyon days of the 70’s.  Of hot pants, platform shoes and flares and the hot summer of ’76 and being a teenager and....... the Rubettes. I long to be back there so that I can experience it all again xxx

 I was so crazy about  him that I used to wear an "A" around my neck and I also had a necklace with a heart on that was engraved with his name...aaah!!


Another story I recently remembered concerning the very Alan necklace!  I was on holiday at a Butlins and was about 14 or 15 at the time.  I had on my Alan Williams engraved heart and I happened to ask a lady and her husband for some directions to somewhere and they were very helpful.  So is that the end of the story - pretty boring if it was.  The lady was chatting to me and noticed my necklace and began to smile.  I remember her words even now - "If I didn't know better I would be wondering how it is you know my husband!"  I was puzzled at her question until I was then told the reason. I had just happened to meet a couple called Williams and the husband's name just happened to be Alan.  How did I just manage to do that, out of all the people staying where I was on holiday!!



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Alan and Michele 1997

Chelmsford Spectacular

Michele, with the man of her dreams!!

Alan Williams.



I had my first opportunity to see the Rubettes at the Chelmsford Spectacular  in August 1997.
I looked completely wacky, as you can probably gather from these photographs and was hanging onto Alan like a limpet.

I was so very excited at the prospect of seeing my hero Alan Williams after all those years.  It would be the chance I had missed out on in 1974. To show my appreciation, I gave him a red rose and he was incredibly sweet and signed my t-shirt!

Back then John Richardson wasn't in the group permanently but on this occasion he made a guest appearance.
He looked wonderful !!






My thoughts and very best wishes are with John and his family at this time. 


तूर्णमारोग्यमस्तु (tūrnamārogyamastu)

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Hi, this is Michele from London and this is my resurrected website to :-

The Rubettes 


Alan Williams



 This is a compilation of a few SBL's back and forth through the years. 

It took a lot of patience to get this right. 

This is a tribute to this their Number One hit.  Enjoy!!!!


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